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  • Ask for Flopsville Theater comic books in a store near you!

    We placed our comic book at two local retailers last week:

    Feel free to stop by and buy one from them…and if it’s your first time visiting, let them know you heard about them from us!

    We’ll update this post with other stores in the coming weeks. If you want to see a copy of our comic book in your local store, have them contact me  (laurel at ifilmflops.com) for more information, or they can click the “Retail Partners” link at the bottom of the page at shop.Flopsville.com.

  • We have inventory!

    If you were waiting for our next batch of comic books to be printed, your wait is over! We ended up investing in our own equipment and are now printing our comic books ourselves. There’s not much difference in papers between the batch from the printer and the ones we have now, but we are able to print at a higher resolution. We like that! Don’t forget to check out the mugs, t-shirts and posters, too!

    If you want to watch a video about our printing process, we posted one to our Facebook page:


  • Meet Flopsville Theater Artist Meescha Dare

    If you love the look of the Flopsville Theater comic book as much as we do, you’ll want to fly out to Salem, Oregon. Artist Meescha Dare will be attending the Northwest Comic Fest on August 15-16. She’ll have a limited supply of first-run Flopsville Theater comic books, too. Go say “hi” and get a signed copy before they’re gone!

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the Heart of Flopsville

Flopsville creator Jose Mojica loves telling stories and watching movies. It's no surprise that he loves making movies, too. We have SO many stories to tell you, about insecure vampires, lovesick sharks, slightly confused revenge killers, dysfunctional yeti families and all of the other quirky inhabitants of the town of Flopsville.


the Inspiration for Flopsville

The Slasher of Flopsville is a middle-grade e-book written by Jose Mojica. It's where the town of Flopsville originated. You can download it for free from iBooks or Amazon.


Flopsville for You

We love being a part of Flopsville and we have the gear to prove it. Whether you want the latest Flopsville Theater comic book, a Flopsville Theater mug, or a Hand of Flopsville poster or t-shirt, we've got it all. You can have it, too!

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